Says result-oriented policing is not possible without support & cooperation of the people

Srinagar, December 16:

To provide better and secure environment to people it is necessarily important to act tough against elements going against the law.We would work towards zero infiltration, zero arms/ammunition smuggling, zero recruitment, zero narcotics, zero terror financing and most importantly we would work against the narrative, ideology and the philosophy which justifies, glorifies, supports and legitimize terrorism. This was stated by Director General of Police, J&K Shri R.R Swain while talking to the reporters at Police Headquarters Srinagar on the sidelines of the grievance redressal programme held at Police Headquarters Peerbagh, Srinagar today.

During the five and half hours long grievance redressal programme, 110 persons registered their grievances. The DGP, J&K gave patient hearing to each one of them and assured redressal on merits. He also issued on the spot instructions in some cases to the concerned police heads for prompt and quality redressal. The DGP said that the public grievance redressal initiative turned out as the combination of internal grievance redressal of huge police Pariwar and the public seeking police help in different cases. Every case is being looked at on its merits, the DGP added.

While speaking to media, the DGP said J&K Police has been playing multiple roles prioritising its assignments for the larger interest of the public and in this process, it might be lacking in certain areas which are being improved. The DGP said that J&K Police as a strong and professional police force is taking many steps to improve its policing skills. He said that the primary responsibility of the Police as law enforcement agency is to protect the general public and prevent the crimes adding that for this purpose it is necessarily important for Police to act tough against the elements going against the law.

The DGP observed that result oriented policing is not possible without the support and cooperation of the people. It is our resolve to work for the law-abiding people, the DGP added. With regard to the law-and-order situation, the DGP said that zero stone pelting was recorded in 2023.

Regarding the individual terror incidents, the DGP said that progress is seen not in terms of individual incidents but in terms of the overall decline. “We have a plan which is in motion and under implementation since last four years and the features of that plan are that we try to address the problem fundamentally by way of degrading, dismantling the terror ecosystem which includes the people who recruit, who try to provide arms ammunition/logistic support, the people who try to help in infiltration and the people who help in identifying as to who is to be killed etc” he said.

He informed that the perpetrators involved in recent killing have been identified. With regard to the locals joining terror groups, the DGP said that the graph of locals joining terror groups is very low. He said that some foreign terrorists who managed to sneak are active in here and added that “we would work towards zero infiltration, zero arms/ammunition smuggling, zero recruitment, zero narcotics, zero terror financing and most importantly we would work against the narrative,the ideology,the philosophy which justifies, glorifies, supports and legitimize terrorism”.

He said that Pakistan would always try to push terrorists here and added that every attempt would be responded to more resiliently, intelligently and in a systematic manner. “We would like to reassure our citizens that they have absolutely no reason to fear, the law enforcement, all arms and wings and resources of the Government are with them” he added. The idea is once there is peace and stability, there would be education, health, roads, electricity, economic activities, order, justice, and if it is not there, on the other side everything falls apart, the teacher doesn’t go to school, the government servant becomes corrupt and takes money without building a bridge, roads, the hospitals and we will not allow that to succeed”, the DGP added. The terrorism and to that extent the corrupt system are intertwined and it is the enemy to have it that way but we will break that, the DGP added.


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