Says land was earlier earmarked for New District Court Complex, ‘DC Budgam clandestinely processed documents for the transfer of land’


Srinagar 01 Mar : The Bar Association of Budgam on Friday expressed deep shock and disappointment over an alleged transfer of 20 kanals of land at Ichgam, Budgam for the construction of Maharashtra Bhavan instead of the New District Court Complex, Budgam.

As per reports the Bar Association of Budgam said this move is a disheartening setback for the judicial infrastructure project and contradicts the unanimous resolution of the Bar Association as well as other directives of Government including that of the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Commissioner Secretary, Department of Revenue, Secretary Department of Law and Justice and High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakah in favour of the court complex.

“The process initiated by the Principal District and Sessions Judge Budgam for identifying suitable land, measuring 117 Kanals and 19 Marlas, had already received approval from the High Court of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (communication no. 39424/RG/inf dated 05.08.2023),” President District Bar Association Budgam said.

He said that the Revenue Department’s communication (Rev-LT/43/2023(728643) on 06-09.-2023 to the Deputy Commissioner Budgam clearly outlined the necessity of transferring the land for the use of District Judiciary. “Despite these clear directives, the Deputy Commissioner of Budgam has played a negative role by clandestinely processing documents for the transfer of land in favour of the Maharashtra State. This deliberate obstruction of the judicial infrastructure project, by the Deputy Commissioner Budgam coupled with the misleading of higher authorities, is deeply concerning and disappointing,” he added.

The Bar Association Budgam further alleged that the Deputy Commissioner Budgam for the satisfaction of his ego has jeopardised both the important projects by misleading and misguiding the higher authorities. “There were so many far better and suitable options available for the construction of Maharashtra Bhavan as the requirement of land was only 20 kanals.

The Deputy Commissioner Budgam had played mischief by not only suppressing the official documents for transfer of the said land in favour of the Judiciary but also downplayed the importance of this critical project by sitting over the file for last six months in utter disregard of official communications of higher authorities and of the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh,” it alleged, adding, “It is evident that the identified land for the court complex is the rightful choice for development, considering the rigorous process it has undergone and the unanimous support it has received. The decision to allocate it for Maharashtra Bhavan instead is an abuse of power and contemptuous disregard for the directives of the High Court.”

The Bar Association of Budgam urged the authorities to reconsider the decision and allocate the land as originally intended for the New District Court Complex. “Any further delay or deviation from this course of action would only undermine the judiciary’s vital role in dispensing justice and upholding the rule of law,” it added.


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