Suspension to be revoked only after drivers passes driving test successfully: RTO

Mubashir Alam Wani

Srinagar, Mar 01 :

Stating that the transport department in Kashmir is going to act tough against the traffic nom violations, the authorities on Friday warned of suspension of Registration Certificates (RC) and driving licenses for offenders.

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Kashmir, Syed Shahnawaz Bukhari, while speaking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), said that the department is committed to curbing traffic norm violations on the roads.

He stated that he has empowered the transport officials to take immediate action upon receiving such complaints.

“Any breach of traffic regulations will be dealt with severely. Instances of overloading, vehicles operating without fitness or permits have become the norm in far off areas, and such violations will not be tolerated,” the RTO Kashmir said.

He added that such violations will end up in the suspension of RCs and driving licenses. According to the RTO Kashmir, the suspension of registration certificates or licenses will only be revoked after the offending driver successfully passes a driving test.

In an appeal to commercial drivers to play their part in preventing road accidents, RTO Kashmir said along with the drivers other sections of the society have also a role to play in educating people on road safety to prevent the loss of human lives.

“Every member of society has a role to play in promoting road safety. This includes the media, scholars, and Imams of mosques, who should advocate for safer driving practices. Basic education on road safety is crucial in mitigating accidents,” he added.

He said that the measures come as part of ongoing efforts by the transport department Kashmir to enhance road safety and enforce traffic regulations across the region—(KNO)


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