Case registered, investigation is on, evidences are being collected & will be taken to logical conclusion: DGP J&K Shri R.R. Swain

Appeals people not fell to vicious designs of the anti-national/anti-social elements

Jammu, Nov 30:

After taking cognizance of uploading offensive content by a student, the Jammu and Kashmir Police has launched the investigation which will be taken to logical conclusion and no one would be allowed to hurt the religious feelings of any community, and nobody will be allowed to use this incident for malicious purposes either. This was stated by Director General of Police, J&K, Shri R.R. Swain at a press briefing at the Police Control Room here this morning.

At the very outset, the DGP said that we respect the honour and dignity of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the police is well aware of its duties and responsibilities to take action against anyone trying to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere. He appealed to the general public that they should not fell to vicious designs of the anti-national/anti-social elements who by taking undue advantage of this incident are attempting to disturb the communal harmony and brotherhood for which Kashmir is known from ages together. He said that, police has registered a case regarding the uploading of offensive content, investigation is on, evidences are being collected and assured that the case will be taken to logical conclusion.

Shri R.R Swain informed that, after discussions with the law officers and approval from the competent authority, law will be made operational here under 144 Criminal Procedure Act under which action will be taken against those uploading, sharing videos, posts, texts, audio on social media having potential to trigger communal frenzy, promote terrorism, separatism etc adding that by these activities at times people’s life get disturbed, businesses get affected schools/colleges get closed and whole system gets disrupted.

The DGP said that J&K police is also investigating the people who by taking undue advantage of the incident are trying to disturb the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that we have to make a distinction between the innocent statement and the statement issued with the malicious intentions.

To a query regarding attempts by Pakistan to vitiate the atmosphere here, the DGP said that there is no doubt in it, a number of messages are being designed from across the border and circulated on social media adding that some people here are using these messages to disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Some people get benefitted from these activities which he said is a known fact and sought cooperation of the people to foil these evil conspiracies.


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