Srinagar, Dec 11:

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that verdict of Supreme Court on Article 370 is not a permanent rather it is a political fight and we as collectively won’t leave the struggle midway. 

In her video message, Mehbooba as per KNS said “My dearest countrymen! Don’t loose hope. Jammu and Kashmir has seen many ups and down in past, so the decision of Supreme Court on Article 370 is not our final destiny”.

She said our opponents want us to be disappointed and disheartened but we as a nation should not lose hope and continue our struggle to the logical end.

“It is nor our fall but a failure of the India of India. At the time of partition, J&K shook hands with Gandhi’s secular India so it is the fall of that idea, not ours,” Mehbooba said.

She said the verdict of Supreme Court on Article 370 was not less a news of execution for India. “The present regime of India have weakened the idea of India and made those powers strong who were asserting that accession of J&K with the Union of India has been formed on temporary basis,” she said.

“This is just beginning they did with J&K, but it will spread in the entire country in times to come,” Mehbooba said.

She continued that the decision pronounced by Supreme Court is not permanent, it is a political fight and we will not leave our struggle midway. Let’s unite and determine to achieve our rights with our commitment and enthusiasm.(KNS)


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