Anti-militancy strategy & roadmap clear; will end terrorism in an exponential manner; security to be provided to voters, candidates & political party agents; concerns of SPO’s also be addressed

Srinagar, Mar 17 :

Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain Sunday said that Jammu and Kashmir Police is committed to wipe out roots of terrorism in J&K, and added, “The strategy and roadmap in this regard are very clear and will be able to root-out it exponentially”.Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of Public Grievance Redressal Programme (PGRP) in Doda, the DGP Swain as per Kashmir News Service (KNS) said that police and other security agencies are committed to root out terrorism and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. He said the J&K Police is having a clear roadmap in this regard and will be able to root-out it exponentially.“We are clear in our strategy. We have a roadmap and we will not retreat from our modus-operandi. I can’t assure you that terrorism will end in Jammu and Kashmir on a fixed date, but it will be rooted out exponentially,” DGP Swain as per KNS said.On the conduct of Lok Sabha general elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the DGP Swain said security issue is an important factor for J&K Police in the upcoming LS polls. “Election Commission of India (ECI) has passed strict directions in this regard. It is our concern that elections in J&K should be peaceful for all. We will provide secured environment to voters, candidates and agents of political parties as it is our duty and responsibility,” DGP Swain added.He added that besides existing forces personnel more troops will be brought to Jammu and Kashmir for smooth and peaceful conduct of Lok Sabha polls. “The discussions with central government are underway. More troops will come to Jammu and Kashmir for poll duty and security to stakeholders,” he added.Responding to a query, the DGP Swain said that the concerns of SPO’s in J&K Police is already under consideration and we believe they should be given every benefit they deserve. “We are trying to provide them good remuneration. We will soon persuade government that those who are taking part in operational activities should be given good benefits,” DGP remarked. (KNS)


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