The Hangul population increases from 127 in 2008 to 289 in 2023: Wildlife Warden, Central Division Pervaiz Ahmed Wani

Reyaz Rashid

Srinagar: The World Wildlife Day- 2024 was celebrated at Nature Interpretation Center of Dachigam National Park, organized by the Central Wildlife Division, department of Wildlife Protection on Sunday.

The function was presided over by chief guest regional Wildlife Warden, Kashmir IFS Pradeepchandra Wahule, Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Mohsin Ali Gazi besides other invitees Executive Director, WCF & learned Amicus Curiae, Head Wildlife SOS, Members of Wild Life Trust Of India, WRCF, Director, PHAAG Dev. forum, DDC Member Ali Mohammad Rather, Students of Darul-Uloom, Kousaria, researchers and  teachers and students from various schools participated in the function.

In his inaugural address, Shri Pervaiz Ahmed Wani, DCF (Wildlife Warden, Central Division), highlighted the theme of this year’s celebration: “Connecting People and Planet; exploring digital innovation in Wildlife Conservation.” He emphasized the pivotal role of technology in safeguarding wildlife and fostering harmony with nature.

DCF Wani also commended the increase in the Hangul population, from 127 in 2008 to 289 in 2023, while stressing the need for continued efforts in habitat improvement and genetic diversity.

He added that increase in the Hangul population is worth rewarding but is a challenging endeavor. Though, the population of Hangul has increased from 127 in 2008 to 289 in 2023. He laid stress on Wildlife experts and Researchers to work in scientific way for Habitat Improvement, Enrichment of Predator prey base, Genetic Diversity and Reproductive Health etc. He also said that Department has already worked seriously for the big challenge, that is the relocation of Sheep Breeding Farm which was detrimental for the management of National Park.     

On the occasion, the chief guest  Wildlife Warden, Kashmir IFS Pradeepchandra Wahule highlighted the power of digital innovation using drones for anti-poaching, engaging social media for educational outreach, emphasized the collaborative nature of digital conservation efforts and mentioned about partnerships & initiatives with Non-government organizations, local communities, resourceful persons and students in Wildlife Conservation Management.

A detailed presentation was given by Dr. Mohsin Ali Gazi, Wildlife Veterinarian emphasizing the importance of wildlife and highlighted the latest modalities in disease diagnosis and advances in health care and management of wild animals. He also elaborated the use of technology and machinery available in Wild Animal Health Care cum Diagnostic lab at Dachigam National Park.

Speaking on the occasion, WRCF founder said that the primary goal of general public is to safe guard the environment for present and future generations, promoting the judicial use of resources.

Nadeem Qadri, Executive Director, WCF, focuses on community engagement, awareness and knowledge is pivotal to safe guard the precious biodiversity and resources that nature offers.

Aliya Mir, Project Head Wildlife SOS, laid emphasis on the technology based conservation of Wildlife and Natural resources. Sameer Khazir, WTI representative in his speech stressed on the involvement of local community, students and other nongovernmental organizations for the Conservation of Wildlife.

DDC member, Ali Mohammad Rather, laid stress about coexistence of humans and wildlife. While quoting the famous saying that “without wildlife no human life can exist”, he urges all the participants to play proactive role in saving the nature and natural resources.

Director, PHAAG Dev. Forum, spoke about the role of all biotic organisms in balancing our ecosystem and about the history of World Wildlife Day right from United Nation General Assembly proclamation.      

Various speakers including representatives from wildlife organizations like WCF, Wildlife SOS, and WTI, emphasized community engagement, awareness, and the judicial use of resources for wildlife conservation.

A debate and quiz competition involving school students were held, with trophies awarded to the winners by the Chief Guest. Certificates of participation and recognition were distributed among all participants, further encouraging their commitment to conservation efforts.

The event, attended by approximately 250 participants from diverse backgrounds, was flawlessly managed by Range Officer Mir Iqbal Khurshid, with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by the Wildlife Warden, Central Division, Srinagar, expressing gratitude to all contributors for making the event a resounding success.

With such collective efforts and dedication, the celebration of World Wildlife Day not only serves as a reminder of our responsibility towards nature but also ignites a renewed passion for conservation among individuals of all ages and professions. The event manger on the occasion was Range Officer, Dachigam Mir Iqbal Khurshid.Vote of thanks was delivered by the Wildlife Warden, Central Division, Srinagar to all the participants who have contributed in making this event a success. He also expressed his gratitude for the dedication, expertise and commitment to wildlife conservation shown by the participants.


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