Salaam TV Journalist Praised for Returning Lost Valuables to Tourist in Tangmarg, tourist express gratitude

Reyaz Rashid

Tangmarg: In a heartwarming act of honesty and integrity, Salaam TV news correspondent Bashir Ahmed Sagar aka B A Sagar returned a bag filled with cash and valuables to a tourist. The bag, estimated to contain items worth millions of rupees along with thousands in cash, was returned in the presence of police and local residents.

The incident unfolded when Sagar, a senior journalist known for his dedication and professionalism, discovered the lost bag. Understanding the gravity of the situation, he immediately took steps to ensure the bag’s safe return to its rightful owner.

After a diligent search lasting three hours, the tourist was located and the bag was handed over at the Tangmarg Police Station.The handover was conducted under the supervision of Head Constable Manzoor Ahmed, amidst an assembly of local witnesses.

The tourist, visibly relieved and grateful, expressed heartfelt thanks to Bashir Ahmed Sagar and the Tangmarg police for their prompt and honest actions.The act of returning the bag not only highlights Sagar’s personal integrity but also serves as a testament to the values upheld by Zee Salaam TV and its team.

In an era where acts of honesty are often overshadowed by less commendable news, this incident stands out as a beacon of good faith and community spirit.

The tourist’s gratitude was palpable, and they were quick to acknowledge the significant efforts of both the Zee Salaam TV correspondent and the local police. This act of kindness has been widely appreciated by the locals and those associated with tourism Industry and serves as an inspiring example of the impact that responsible journalism and community support can have in everyday life.


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