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Baramulla, Nov. 28: A 32-year-old woman died allegedly due to medical negligence after giving birth to a child in Associate Hospital of Government Medical College Baramulla on Tuesday. The hospital authorities have ordered a probe into the incident and assured stern action if anybody found guilty of medical negligence.

The deceased was identified as 32 year old Dilshada Akthar wife Bilal Ahmad Lone of Kadinayar Baramulla.The family of the deceased said that she was admitted Associate Hospital of Government Medical College Baramulla on Monday 27 November where she went under Lower Segment Caesearn Section (LSCS)  and gave birth to  a male baby while as she already had two sons.

Relatives of the deceased, Dilshada Akthar (32), alleged medical negligence by doctors and para-medical staff the attending her after she underwent surgery, asserting that her demise was a result of lapses in her care.

The family contends that despite repeated pleas, the doctors and medical team at the hospital overlooked Dilshada’s deteriorating condition post-childbirth. They claim that she did not receive the requisite care and attention from the hospital’s medical staff resulting her death.

“Soon after the delivery, she complained of severe pain and sweating. When we called the doctors and paramedical staff they said that it was normal to have pain in such a condition”, said sister of deceased woman.

She said that later she was administered some medicine, but when her condition worsened they took her to a theatre where she died.

The family alleged that the doctors did not respond well on time and took much time in administering her treatment.

Another sibling who witnessed the unfolding tragedy expressed profound sorrow, referring to her sister’s death as ‘murder.

“We repeatedly told the nursing staff and junior doctors that our patients condition is worsening but they replied we need to worry she is alright. But when she went into shock we were left speechless, “she added.

He alleged that during the surgery they had cut one of her intestine or organs, which resulted in her death.

A concerned relative has raised serious apprehensions about potential illicit and unethical practices within the hospital, urging authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to prevent further loss of life.

Narrating the unfortunate episode, the deceased woman’s mother-in-law emphasized the need for justice and action against those implicated in the alleged neglect. She questioned the authenticity of the authorities’ claims regarding healthcare achievements, provocatively asking whether such milestones come at the cost of innocent lives.

Simultaneously, the concerned relative underscored the immediate necessity for authorities to address and rectify any identified negligence within the hospital.

Dr. Parvaiz Masoodi, Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Baramulla, conveyed condolences to the grieving family and pledged a comprehensive investigation. He emphasized that individuals found responsible for any wrongdoing would face strict legal consequences.

He said that they have formed a committee to probe into the incident.“The committee will file its report within one day and in case of any negligence, the law would take its course.”


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