Says 6000 policemen other forces personnel were slain in line of duty; 12000 civilians killed by terrorists included those dubbed as informers; Three new criminal laws balanced, will help fast-track justice delivery system, implementation of rule of law; People have understood it is not Hindu Vs Muslims in Jammu region

Srinagar, Jul 01 :

Stating that the three new criminal laws that came into force in J&K, Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain Monday said that 45000 people lost lives in the 30 years of conflict in the UT while as 23000 terrorists were also killed till date. He was quick to add that 6000 police and other security forces personnel were killed in line of duty and 12000 civilians were killed by terrorists alone including those dubbed as informers.

Speaking to reporters on the side-lines of the Implementation Ceremony of Three New Criminal Laws in J&K at Police Headquarters Srinagar, DGP Swain, as per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), said that the three new criminal laws are balanced. “These laws allow us to implement the rule of law in a much better way while keeping intact the public security, national security and national integrity,” he said.

While terming three new criminal laws as a major boost to implement rule of law, DGP Swain said that the last 30 years of “strife of conflict” claimed 45000 lives. “There were 6000 policemen and other security forces personnel who were killed in line of duty as well. Some 12000 people including those killed in mass murders, women and the civilians dubbed as informers were killed by terrorists alone,” the DGP said as per KNO, adding that there is no dilution as “we have authentic evidence to prove this.”

He said some journalists were also killed as well. “There were murders in the enemy ranks also,” he said. The DGP said that now that the three new criminal laws have been implemented in J&K, there will be proper evidence without any fear and normal rule of law will be implemented. “Rule of law is fully implemented when there is no fear or a very minimum fear,” he said.

To a query whether terrorists are using traditional routes or new routes to infiltrate into J&K, the DGP said that local terrorist recruitment is at an all time low. “Our boys aren’t becoming part of terrorism. Local recruitment is less than what it was in 2013. But camps are still active across and terror factories are also operating,” he said.

The J&K police chief said people are the biggest strength of the police force. “The foreign terrorists who are pushed into this side wanted to communalise the situation in Jammu. In Dhangri they attempted to do so but people of Jammu have understood that it is not Hindu versus Muslims but a terror act,” he said. “We are laced with public faith, latest weapons and the full support of Government of India.”—(KNO)


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