Adv Basharat expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed members of the Bar Association Baramulla Baramulla

Reyaz Rashid

Baramulla: Advocate Basharat Khaliq Bhat, a respected legal professional, has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed members of the Bar Association Baramulla for electing him as Vice President of this prestigious organization.

In his statement, Advocate Basharat Khaliq Bhat conveyed his deep appreciation for the trust and confidence placed in him by the honorable members of the Bar Association. He recognizes the historical significance and glory associated with the Bar Association Baramulla and pledges to serve as a Vice President who unifies the association as a close-knit family.

Bhat affirmed his commitment to working wholeheartedly, driven by the trust and confidence bestowed upon him by the honorable members. He emphasized that his administration’s focus will be on upholding the dignity, prestige, and glory of the legal fraternity, striving to earn respect worldwide. His primary goal is to restore and elevate the soul and reputation of the Bar Association Baramulla.

Acknowledging the challenging nature of elections, Advocate Basharat Khaliq Bhat expressed his gratitude to the voters who supported him and placed their faith in his vision. He recognized their role in making this moment possible and expressed a heartfelt sense of indebtedness.

To those who voted against him, Bhat acknowledged their disappointment and assured all worthy members of the Bar that he would earnestly work towards the betterment of the association and meet their expectations to the best of his ability. He urged everyone to come together, set aside any divisive rhetoric, and collaborate for the progress of the association.

Advocate Basharat Khaliq Bhat looks forward to serving alongside a dedicated team and expressed his appreciation for the hard work and dedication of those who have built and upheld the respect, status, glory, and prestige of the Bar Association Baramulla over the years.


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