Lauding the iconic vision of his excellency Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Vijay Kumar Bhiduri, Secretary Education Alok Kumar , the
All Joint Employees association Kashmir (MINORITY) under the Leadership of Jagmeet kour Bali President AEJAK(M) paid utmost regards and sincere gratitude to these magnificent personalities for redressal of grievance s of minorities within no time.

Jagmeet Kaur Bali affirmed that the major issues have been solved amicably.

She observed that ” Treatment of absence period as on duty for all Minority Employees equally has been great step by Jammu and Kashmir administration along with
the creation of Grievances cell for All Minority Employees in Raj Bhavan as well in Dist level to redress the issues of employees belonging to Minority.”

Jagmeet Kaur Bali remarked that the issue of the post allocation in District Srinagar,for drawl of HRA, particularly the employees of education department who were waiting for adjustment in the district Srinagar since July 2022 and issue of instructions for the safety and security for all minority employees, all issues have been solved concretely.

Jagmeet Kaur Bali made it clear that great vision of his excellency Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, keen and clear focus of Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Vijay Kumar Bhiduri and Dynamic approach of Secretary Education Alok Kumar have been a great breadrock for Minority employees.


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