In an unprecedented turn of events, All India Radio Srinagar has been off the airwaves for the past three days, leaving listeners deprived of their daily dose of programs and news on both SW (Shortwave) and MW (Medium Wave). The outage, attributed to a fault in the Narbal transmitter, has raised concerns among residents who rely on the station for timely information and entertainment.

According to reports, engineers have been unable to rectify the fault at the Narbal transmitter despite their efforts over the past three days. This outage marks the first time since the devastating floods of 2014 that the Srinagar station has gone silent.

An employee stationed at the Narbal transmitter shed light on the situation, revealing that engineers assigned to the transmitter often neglect their duties, preferring to spend most of their time at the main station. Consequently, the transmitter lacks proper maintenance and oversight, exacerbating the current technical issues.

The prolonged outage has left residents disillusioned and frustrated, highlighting the critical role that All India Radio Srinagar plays in disseminating vital information to the public. With no immediate resolution in sight, listeners anxiously await the restoration of their beloved radio station, hoping to once again tune in to familiar voices and programs.


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