Staff raises concerns about misconduct, embezzlement of funds by BMO, demand action from DHSK

Srinagar, May 03 :

The health authorities in Kashmir are under fire following allegations of corruption and misconduct against a senior health officer in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

According to the details obtained by the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), at the Sallar block in Anantnag district, staff members have raised concerns about alleged corrupt practices, favouritism, and embezzlement of funds by the Block Medical Officer (BMO).

Despite complaints lodged with health authorities, including the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Anantnag, no concrete action has been taken to address the issue.

An inquiry was initiated by the CMO Anantnag following the staff’s complaints. The inquiry team recorded statements from witnesses and submitted a detailed report to the CMO, which was later forwarded to the Director of Health Services Kashmir. However, no disciplinary action has been initiated against the accused officer.

The inquiry report, available with KNO, highlights various instances of misconduct, including verbal abuse of staff, favouritism in duty assignments and transfers, misuse of healthcare funds, and manipulation of duty rosters.

The allegations of bribery, unauthorised absence from duties, and intimidation tactics against whistleblowers have also surfaced, highlighting a grim picture of administrative lapses within the health sector.

The report also highlights lapses in patient care and administrative functions within the block, indicating a broader breakdown of accountability and governance. The lack of swift action to address these allegations has led to widespread outrage among staff and citizens, raising concerns about the integrity and effectiveness of anti-corruption measures within the healthcare sector.

Staff members and concerned citizens have called upon the Secretary of Health and the Director of Health Services Kashmir to intervene immediately and take appropriate action to address the allegations of corruption.

There is an urgent need to restore trust and accountability within the health system to ensure quality healthcare delivery to the people, they said—(KNO)


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