On 02.03.2023 P/S ACB, Jammu received a written complaint wherein the complainant stated that on 01.03.2023, the Police of P.P. Chinore has arrested his son namely Sahil Mehra in a false and frivolous case on the complaint of local resident of Chinore. The Mohd Sultan, an official of P.P Chinore has demanded Rs. 8,000/- as bribe for release of his son from Police custody.

He further stated that he had already paid Rs. 4,000/ out of the demanded bribe of Rs. 8,000/-, but the said Munshi again demanding balance bribe amount of Rs. 4,000/- for release his son.

The complainant stated that he don’t want to pay bribe but the said Official compelled him to pay the bribe and under compelled circumstances he is going to pay the balance bribe of Rs. 4000/- to said Munshi and requested for taking action under law.

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