“Receiving support from other parties during elections is a customary practice”

Srinagar, April 30 :

Apni Party Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir expressed his party’s gratitude for the support extended by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in parliamentary polls.

Mir emphasized that in the realm of politics, receiving assistance from other parties during elections is a customary practice.

“Shall we refuse help if BJP is extending its support to Apni Party in parliamentary polls? In politics, any party would welcome support of another party in polls. We welcome their help,” he said during an interview.

The Apni Party Vice President highlighted the basis of BJP’s support, emphasizing their shared commitment to ending dynastic politics.

“It is their compulsion to support us, not ours to support them. We both have a common principle to put an end to Khandani Raj. This is the common principle where they support us. This sheds light on the strategic alliance between the two parties, grounded in a mutual stance against hereditary political dominance,” Mir said.

He accused the Congress of eroding the essence of Article 370 by making significant changes to the governance structure in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also challenged the promises made by regional parties of J&K – National Conference and Peoples Democratic party- about restoring the special status, stating that such claims lack credibility without a majority in Parliament.

Regarding the issue of statehood restoration for Jammu and Kashmir, Mir highlighted the alignment between the INDIA alliance and the BJP, both advocating for its return.

However, he noted that while the INDIA bloc hasn’t addressed the removal of AFSPA, the BJP is committed to addressing this concern.

Mir reiterated Apni Party’s commitment to the welfare and development of Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing priorities such as employment, peace, progress, and dignity for its residents.

He criticized what he described as the deceptive tactics employed by other political parties, contrasting them with Apni Party’s focus on truthfulness and genuine progress.

“People of J&K are hurt by what was done on 5 August 2019. But what is your roadmap to restore it? These (NC, PDP) are lying to people.”

“We don’t believe in spreading lies and deceiving people. Our slogans are employment, peace, progress and development. Life with dignity and peace. These are not just slogans of our party but the voices of common people,” he said. [KNT]


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