Gulmarg, January 23:As part of the ongoing 35th National Road Safety Month, the Assistant Regional Transport Office (ARTO) Baramulla organized a dynamic Road Safety Awareness Programme, featuring an All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) rally from Tangmarg to the iconic tourist destination, Gulmarg.

The rally, inaugurated by ARTO Baramulla Muazzam Ali, Tehsildar Tangmarg Javaid Ahmed, and SDPO Faizan Ahmed, marked a significant initiative to underscore the importance of safe ATV riding. The ATVs, carrying placards adorned with road safety messages, aimed to visually communicate the need for responsible driving practices.Prior to the rally kick-off, Muazzam Ali, the Assistant Regional Transport Officer, took a hands-on approach by enlightening ATV drivers about crucial safety rules.

Stressing the mandatory use of helmets and protective gear, he emphasized the significance of adhering to designated trails and maintaining a safe speed, especially in snow-covered terrain.Muazzam Ali also clarified that the ATVs available in Tangmarg and Gulmarg are designed for two people only, urging drivers to carry no more than one passenger to ensure optimal safety.In his address, Muazzam Ali highlighted the importance of traffic rules and called upon all stakeholders in society to recognize their responsibilities in promoting better traffic management and road safety.

He acknowledged that, while changing driving behavior may take time, ongoing education remains a fundamental key to achieving this transformation.ARTO Baramulla Muazzam Ali underscored the pivotal role of continuous education in cultivating responsible driving practices.

The ARTO Office Baramulla remains steadfast in its commitment to actively contribute to a safer road environment, with such awareness programs playing a significant role in fostering a culture of responsible driving within the community.


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