Srinagar, Mar 23 :

Kashmir’s renowned Tulip Garden, among the largest in Asia, welcomed visitors on Saturday with the unveiling of its vibrant blooms. 
This year’s display boasts 1.7 million tulips, including five new varieties, promising a breathtaking spectacle for both local and international tourists. 
As crowds gathered to marvel at the garden’s beauty on opening day, officials anticipate full bloom in the coming days. Situated against the stunning backdrop of the Zabarwan mountain range and the Dal Lake, the garden features a diverse array of tulip bulbs in shades of red, yellow, and pink, offering early and late blooming varieties.
Prior to the garden’s opening, a meeting chaired by Divisional Commissioner Vijay Kumar Bidhuri was convened to ensure seamless arrangements for visitors. 
Attendees included the Director of Floriculture, SSP Traffic Srinagar, Joint Commissioner of SMC, representatives from the Tourism department, and Srinagar Smart City Limited. 
Discussions centred on traffic management, parking facilities, sanitation, online ticketing, and other logistical arrangements to enhance the visitor experience. 
With meticulous planning and the addition of new flower varieties, this year’s Tulip Garden promises to captivate visitors with its scenic splendour and colourful blooms.(KNS).


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