Srinagar,25 Jan: The government on Wednesday retrieved Khacharie land allegedly encroached upon by National Conference General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar at Humhama where he currently resides.

The move comes in the backdrop of ongoing eviction drive against encroachments on State and Khacharie lands throughout Jammu and Kashmir in which the government has said that they won’t evict encroachers belonging to financially weaker sections but would retrieve the land from big encroachers.

The property has been alleged to be in the name of Sagar’s wife and the leader is among the first high-profile people who are facing the wrath of the demolition drive.

A board outside the property has been erected declaring that it is part of the Khacharie land of the Budgam district. However, the eviction drive hasn’t brought down the main house but only the building and boundary walls adjacent to the airport road.

There has been a political uproar over common people being evicted from the state and Khacahaire lands which the government denied saying that the action is being initiated against high-profile land grabbers.

Officials said the outer wall and the main gate as well as the entry of the guard room of Sagar’s residence in the Humhama area on the outskirts of the city were demolished as part of the administration’s action against the encroachment on state land.

Sagar, a former minister, or his family were not present in the house at the time of the demolition, the officials said.

The National Conference condemned the action, saying it smacks of political vendetta.

“JKNC condemns the dismantling of the outer wall at Party General Secretary @AliMSagar_’s house at Humhama. Such actions of the government clearly smack of political vendetta, and the misuse of government machinery for the same,” the party said in a tweet.


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