Srinagar, Mar 08 :

Authorities have failed to ensure the implementation of the reserved seats for women in public transport across Kashmir.

Not just students, but women from all sections of life have long been voicing their concerns and demanding seat share in public transport.

While the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) 1988 mentions the seat reservation of 33 percent for women in local buses; an order in 2012 was also issued to reserve eight seats for women on public transport.

News agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) has done a series of stories on the issue and subsequently flagged it with the authorities. It has received a plethora of complaints from women that the seat reservation for ladies in public transport is not being implemented by the authorities.

“The allotted share has been majorly encroached upon by the males,” a lady who often travels by a local bus told KNO. She said it is difficult for women to ask a man to vacate the reserved seat.

“There is a need for awareness and sensitization over the issue,” she added.

Several women and girls have criticised the transport authorities for failing to “enforce” the seat reservation law. The girl students said they face “immense trouble” while boarding a public transport vehicle as they have to remain standing in overcrowded buses.

“We have to hang around the overcrowded buses until any male passenger voluntarily offers a seat, but in most circumstances, men decline or simply ignore it. This is an unpleasant situation,” a girl student said.

Women have demanded strict action against those defying the rules—(KNO)

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