The Human Welfare Voluntary Organization, in collaboration with Project ENGAGE (Engage all for Gender Equity), recently celebrated the accomplishments of 60 Gender Champion fellows during a felicitation ceremony held at Hotel Asian Park-Srinagar.

The event was attended by esteemed guests, including Tehsildar Singhpora-Pattan, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Mir (Chairman of the Human Aid Society), Ms. Bushra Bedar (Centre Administrator of OSC Baramulla), Ms. Darakshan Bhat (social worker from the Women’s Special Cell Baramulla), Mr. Aamir Rasool and Mr. Altaf Hussain (social workers from the Women’s Special Cell in Shopian and Pulwama, respectively), Mr. Ashiq Hussain (Chairperson of Raahat), and other prominent figures and gender advocates from Pulwama and Baramulla.

The event aimed to recognize and appreciate the exceptional work of the Gender Champion Fellows, who successfully completed a six-month long Gender equity fellowship. The fellows, through their community-level initiatives, have actively contributed to promoting gender equity and addressing pressing gender-related issues within their neighborhoods. Their remarkable efforts were applauded by the guests, who encouraged them to continue making positive and constructive changes in society.

During the ceremony, the Gender Champion Fellows presented their project work, which covered critical topics such as “Unmasking Gender-Based Violence in Cyberspace,” “Making Communities Free of Dowry – A Success Story from Gur Seer, Baramulla,” “Harassment in Public Spaces,” and “Social Exclusion of Transgenders.” These projects were undertaken following an intensive 5-day training module that provided them with essential knowledge on Gender Equity, Gender and Budgeting, Gender and Law, Case Management, and Problem Tree Analysis.

Mr. Feroze Ahmad, Chief Functionary of the Human Welfare Voluntary Organization, expressed gratitude to all the participants, dignitaries, and the entire team for their presence and encouragement. He reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to conducting programs that enhance community capacity and nurture perspectives based on volunteerism, empathy, respect, and passion.

The event not only celebrated the achievements of the Gender Champion Fellows but also emphasized the significant impact that local initiatives and community involvement can have in addressing gender-related issues and promoting positive social change. The fellowship, which aimed to equip selected youth with skills and knowledge on gender, equity, and basic project management, successfully prepared a cohort of passionate individuals who are now ready to be agents of change in society.

The Human Welfare Voluntary Organization, founded in 2009, is dedicated to building a just and equitable world. With a focus on community-based sustainable solutions, the organization actively engages with communities, fosters collaboration, and develops localized approaches to address the challenges faced by society. Their core belief in putting people first and empowering communities drives their efforts towards positive change and transformation.


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