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DE initiated against incharge PP, MC

JAMMU, Apr 26:

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Jammu, Dr Vinod Kumar, has suspended Head Constable Surinder Singh of the Manwal Police Post following the circulation of a video showing him accepting a bribe from dumper drivers involved in mining activities.

In the video, that has been shared multiple times on the social media sites, the suspended police cop in civilian clothes could be seen accepting bribe form dumper drivers for letting their vehicles go in lieu of the bribe.

In addition to the suspension, the SSP Jammu has launched a Departmental Enquiry (DE) against the officer incharge of the Manwal Police Post, Manoj Kumar, and the post’s MC, Appu Ram, citing insufficient oversight and control over their subordinates.

In a statement, Jammu and Kashmir Police said, “A video clip is viral on social media in which a police cop in civvies was found to be receiving money from some unknown person/persons, for which the involved cop has been identified and already placed under suspension and DE has been initiated against him for involving in corrupt practices.”

“Besides this, a Departmental Enquiry has also been initiated against the incharge Police Post Manwal and MC of the Police Post for lack of command and control on their part,” the statement read.


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