Inayat Qayoom

Baramulla, February 02: In response to the directives of Deputy Commissioner Baramulla, Minga Sherpa, ARTO Baramulla Muazzam Ali has launched a rigorous crackdown on violators of traffic rules across Baramulla District on Friday.

Over the past two days, significant measures have been taken, including the suspension of 45 driving licenses, 21 vehicles Black listed , and 7 root permits suspended.Several teams comprising representatives from the Motor Vehicle, police, and revenue departments have been constituted to identify and penalize traffic rules violators across the district.

The collaborative effort underscores the importance of coordinated action in addressing road safety concerns.The stringent actions taken against traffic rules violators are expected to have a significant impact on road safety and compliance. By suspending driving licenses, blacklisting vehicles, and suspending root permits, the authorities aim to deter reckless driving and ensure accountability among road users.

The authorities urge all residents and commuters in Baramulla district to adhere to traffic rules and regulations diligently. Compliance with road safety measures is essential for the well-being of individuals and the community at large.

The crackdown on traffic rules violators in Baramulla district reflects the proactive stance of the administration in promoting road safety.Through collaborative efforts and stringent enforcement measures, the authorities are committed to creating a safer environment for all road users. Continued vigilance and adherence to traffic regulations are vital in ensuring the well-being and security of everyone on the roads.


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