Pattan 24 Sep:

in the view of 28th Saffar and to avoid any breach of peace in the area Curfew like restrictions have been imposed in Pattan Villages were all the Roads have been Sealed by Security Forces on Saturday late evening.

According to an Order No DMB/26/2022 Issued by Dr.Sehrish Asgar District Magistrate Baramulla” in view of the orders of the Hon’ble Court regarding the performance of religious practices of 28th Saffar in Immam Bara of Gund Khawaja Qasim and reports received from reliable sources there is apprehension of breach of peace in the said area.

According to CNS, to maintain peace & to prevent any imminent danger to human life and public/ private property, restrictions has been inposed in Gund Khwaja Qasim and Kanterbugh of Tehsil Singhpora, Pattan including the stipulations/ restrictions.

Meanwhile DM has directed not to allow any assembly or congregation(s) of four or more persons in these areas on 25 & 26 September.

No person, other than a member of armed Force/Police/Magistrate or a public servant duly authorized and on duty, shall carry in public fire arms or an article capable of being used as weapon of offence in these areas.

Besides above restrictions No person shall use loudspeakers or any other amplifying sound for making a speech or any announcement for any other purpose whether from a moving vehicle or otherwise except with prior permission on 25 and26 September 2022.

SDM Pattan has been directed to deploy duty magistrates at appropriate locations in the area on the above dates.(CNS)


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