Udhampur, March 01, 2024:

The CyberCell Unit of District Police Udhampur led by PSI Kulbhushan Singh has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to combating cybercrime by successfully solving cases and leined online defrauded funds totaling Rs. 2,69,570 since establishment of cyber cell Udhampur.

*Total complaints received in cyber cell Udhampur are 35 in which 30 complaints are of financial frauds and 05 complaints are related to social media crimes.
Out of which 05 complaints are resolved/closed and other complaints are under process for further verifications.

*During the investigation, the cyber investigation team, exhibited relentless determination and advanced skills, ultimately leading to the successful freezing of defrauded funds amounting to Rs. 2,69,570. This achievement underscores the unit’s expertise, dedication, and tireless efforts in safeguarding citizens against digital threats.

SSP Udhampur, Shri Joginder Singh-JKPS, reiterated his appeal to citizens to remain extra vigilant and report any suspicious online activities promptly to the National Helpline Number 1930 immediately. He also encouraged citizens to lodge complaints online at www.cybercrime.gov.in. Emphasizing the importance of awareness and collaboration in effectively combating cyber threats, District Police Udhampur, equipped with advanced technology and skilled personnel, remains at the forefront of the fight against cybercriminals.


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