Islamic scholars urge Muslims to maintain brotherhood, balance their priorities properly

Reyaz Rashid

Sheeri: A day-long 26th annual congregation (Salaana Ijtima) cum 22st Dastar Bandi ceremony was held at Dar-ul-Uloom Qureshia Sheeri in which by 10 accomplished Hafiz-e-Quran students who had diligently completed the memorization of the Holy Quran were honored with the conferral of Hafiz E Quran Certificates after turbon tying and special prayers for entire Muslim community.

Distinguished scholars from various regions of Kashmir delivered enlightening speeches to the assembled audience which include elderly, youth and women attendees. Among the revered Islamic scholars who graced the occasion with their presence were luminaries such as Peer Abdul Hamid Haqani, Moulana Bilal Ahmad Kumar, Mufti Qamar-ud-din Owasi Ishaq Nizami, Mufti Shakeel Ahmad Sakafi, Moulna Shakeel Ahmad Mishbai, Mufti Bilal Ahmad Mishbahi, and Mohtimim Dar-ul-Uloom Qureshia Sheeri, Mounlana Tariq Ahmad Mishbahi, alongside other esteemed orators.In the spirit of the event, the 10 accomplished Hafiz Quran students were duly recognized for their achievements, receiving the Hafiz E Quran Certificates, which were presented following the act of tying turbans and invoking special prayers for the welfare of the entire Muslim community.

Throughout the proceedings, speakers emphasized the profound significance of education, the cultivation of strong character, the nurturing of brotherhood, and the pivotal role of peace and unity among the masses in the context of contemporary global success.One of the speakers underscored the paramount importance of collaborative efforts transcending caste, creed, community, and religious affiliations, advocating for collective dedication to societal progress and development.

The speaker also emphasized the teachings of the Quran and the guidance of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), emphasizing the need to hold parents in high regard and reverence.Mufti Tariq Mishbahi took the opportunity to encourage Muslim youth to embrace professional courses alongside their religious studies at Madrassas, facilitating opportunities for employment across various service sectors.

The event also saw heartfelt prayers for worldwide peace and prosperity, reinforcing the core principle that Islam is intrinsically a religion of peace, and that true adherents of Islam are advocates of peace, with no place for violence or harm to innocent lives within its teachings.The speakers acknowledged the multifaceted challenges Islam faces on both external and internal fronts and called for a collective and multifaceted approach in confronting these challenges at every level.

The imperative of recalibrating and harmonizing priorities was also stressed, with a view to empowering Muslims with contemporary and religious knowledge as a safeguard against the potential exploitation of Islam.In closing, the scholars reiterated that the fundamental tenets of Islam are rooted in promoting peace, fostering harmony, and advancing the welfare of all people.


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