Srinagar, Jan 23 : Jammu and Kashmir’s Police Chief, R.R. Swain Tuesday said that the law and order situation has improved a lot despite some challenges from terrorists coming from Pakistan.

Addressing the media, Swain noted that the security landscape has witnessed commendable control, attributing the success to effective law enforcement.

Despite the overall stability, Swain acknowledged the persistent challenge posed by a handful of terrorists infiltrating from Pakistan, attempting to disrupt the hard-earned peace in the region. However, he expressed a distinct perspective, highlighting that the local youth are not aligned with these disruptive elements. “Our youth are not involved with them.

While a few individuals may support these terrorists, the majority stand against them, indicating that the situation is under control,” stated the DGP.Swain’s remarks came during the second Rural Outreach event, a part of the Public Grievance Redressal Programme, held in South Kashmir. In this outreach initiative, people brought forward various issues, ranging from instances of cheating to land grabbing.

The DGP assured swift and lawful action, affirming the police’s commitment to addressing concerns beyond the realm of traditional security.”This is the first time we’re reaching out in South Kashmir,” said Swain. He highlighted the collaborative efforts to foster peace in the Rajouri-Poonch belt, underscoring the dedication to creating a peaceful environment in the region.

“We believe that there will be a time when Jammu and Kashmir will be peaceful, and people will capture those attempting to disrupt the peace, handing them over to us,” added Swain, expressing optimism about the region’s future.


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