There is no deficiency in our Imaan, Neyat and Mehnet to stand with the truth, ensure justice, and work as partners with the community: DGP Shri R.R Swain

Terrorists infiltrating from across border aren’t bringing medicine, books, education, or computers but weapons and bombs aimed at destabilizing our region; anyone found supporting or sheltering them will face severe consequences: DGP J&K

Srinagar, June 08:

As the Public Grievance Redressal/Interaction Programme of the Director General of Police, J&K Shri R.R. Swain resumed, a huge number of people have participated in today’s Programme held at the District Police Lines in Pulwama district of South Kashmir.

The DGP while speaking at the programme extended his sincere gratitude to all those who have chosen to share their concerns and contribute to the improvement in Police services. “The administration keeps changing, but one constant remains, the presence of the police. Across societies, states, and countries, throughout history, the police stands as guardians, integral to the fabric of daily life”, the DGP said, adding that it has been our internal efforts that in every administration, the police should stand with the truth, ensure justice, and work as partners with the community they serve. “We have been working in this direction, but as humans, we may falter at times, but there is no deficiency in our Imaan, Neyat and Mehnet to accomplish it”, the J&K Police Chief added. He said that Policing is a very difficult job and at times we have to initiate action against certain elements but for the greater good of society. In every meeting, it has been emphasized that the J&K Police will only initiate action against those who are truly guilty, the DGP added. For this effort, we need the support and guidance of the people, the DGP announced.

Over 600 citizens participated in the programme lasting about four hours, during which they voiced their concerns and presented their grievances to the DGP. Demonstrating unwavering commitment and understanding, the DGP personally heard each case and assured participants of redressal for all genuine grievances. He forwarded some of the grievance to the field officers directing immediate solutions.

Later, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the programme, the DGP said that organizing such programs aims to provide the public access to higher levels and also offering a valuable learning experience. It has been educative for me to understand the array of issues faced by our community, he said. The initiative also conveys a message to our police force about the importance of accessibility. The DGP said that such programmes also provided me with the opportunity to connect with the families of martyrs and serving police personnel, listening to their concerns and striving to find solutions. With regard to the recently concluded parliamentary election, the DGP expressed his satisfaction over the successful conduct of the election, evidenced by the high voter turnout. It signals a new beginning, and we hope its positive impact will catalyze the continuous cycle of security improvement, he added. While acknowledging that the police are, by definition, a law enforcement agency, it is imperative to recognize that at times toughness is necessary against certain elements for the sake of peace and stability in the region.

The DGP said that with the support of locals the ‘resident terrorism’ has gone down and added that Pakistan is continuously pushing terrorists here and the terrorists infiltrating from across the border aren’t bringing medicine, books, education, or computers, they are bringing weapons and bombs aimed at destabilizing our region. Anyone found supporting or sheltering them will face severe consequences, he warned.

Before the programme, the DGP alongwith other officers paid rich tribute to the J&K Police martyrs by laying floral wreaths at the martyr’s memorial.

The DGP also inaugurated the newly created cyber cell and interacted with District Technical Team(DTT) and Cyber Cell officers and personnel.SP Pulwama and DSP Telcom briefed the DGP regarding the functioning of the newly set up units.The DGP J&K also interacted with SoG Pulwama,Bomb Disposal Squad(BDS) and J&K Fire and Emergency Services teams who displayed a very high standard of professionalism during the recent encounter in Nihama in which two terrorists were killed.


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