Initiative purely about resolving complaints, grievance related to police services: DGP J&K Shri R.R Swain

Srinagar, December 23:

The DGP’s public grievance redressal programme continues to evoke huge response as scores of persons turned up at Police Headquarters Jammu today to present their grievances before the police chief.

During today’s grievance redressal programme, which spanned over 5 hours, 237 individuals, including women/aged persons, presented their grievances to the DGP J&K.

The DGP J&K Shri R.R. Swain while presiding over the porgramme listened to the grievances/complaints and pleas of the people one by one patiently. He assured that Police is committed to addressing the people’s issues related to police services in the union territory on priority. In some cases, on-the-spot directives were given to various police units to ensure immediate and effective redressal.

The DGP on the occasion reiterated that the initiative is purely about resolving the complaints/grievances related to police services. It is not for the recruitment of SPOs or for the general transfer of police personnel, he clarified.

The DGP’s grievance redressal programme is an initiative to have a platform for the citizens of J&K to submit their complaints/grievances directly to DGP, J&K. It enhances the JKP’s responsiveness and accountability to the people of J&K by ensuring that grievances are promptly reviewed and addressed. The prorgamme is mainly aimed to fix and correct the concerns of the public towards police services at different levels.


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