A self-styled website claims ownership of the Moon, selling Per acre at 3100 Indian rupees

Srinagar 22 Dec,

A recent viral news story in Kashmir, claiming a Kashmiri doctor purchased land on the moon, has been debunked by the News agency that The report highlights that there is no validity or sense in such claims, as it’s well-established that the moon is not available for private ownership.

As per Srinagar based news agency that the 1960, a global effort, involving countries like the US and Russia etc made efforts to reach the moon this also led to an outer space treaty under the UNO in 1967 declaring the moon as a shared resource with equal rights for all nations declaring Moon belongs to none.

Despite this, However an individual from the US Dennis Hope in 1980 made baseless assertions that the moon belonged to him, writing a letter to UN claims he owns the moon. when UN didn’t responded to such stupid Letter, he however started claims he owns the Moon and started initiating a self styled lunar space registry company.

The so-called registry, charging roughly 3000 Indian Rs for land plots on the moon, has been exposed as a invalid useless or a scam according to the UN outer space treaty.

People receive digital certificates with no real value, as the UNO has never endorsed or acknowledged any private ownership of lunar land.

Meanwhile people in j&k must be Beware of falling for such misleading claims and transactions.


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