‘A memorable and unifying moment in the city’s history’

Rehan Qayoom Mir

Srinagar, Oct 24 :

Srinagar witnessed a vibrant revival of Dussehra celebrations as the city came alive with the return of the spectacular Shobha Yatra after a hiatus of 35 years. The Hindu festival marks the triumph of good over evil.

The highlight of the festivities was the symbolic ‘Ravana Dahan’, where effigies of the demon king Ravana were set ablaze in the evening at the Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium.

The Shobha Yatra, a colourful procession featuring religious floats, idols, and cultural performances, commenced from a prominent temple in Srinagar and wound its way through the city, drawing a large and diverse crowd.

According to the news agency – Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the return of the Shobha Yatra was met with enthusiasm from the residents of Srinagar, many of whom had fond memories of this grand event from decades ago.

Local resident Suresh Sharma from Indra Nagar said, “I remember attending the Shobha Yatra as a child, and it is heartwarming to see this beautiful tradition return. It is a testament to our city’s resilience and cultural richness.”

Another local resident expressed her joy, saying, “The Shobha Yatra’s return is a celebration of our diversity and unity. It is a moment of pride for all of us in Srinagar.”

As the effigies of Ravana turned into ashes at Srinagar’s SK Stadium, the cheers of the crowd filled the air, carrying a message of hope and triumph. “This grand celebration of Dussehra in Srinagar is poised to become a memorable and unifying moment in the city’s history,” said one of the persons present on the ground.

Meanwhile, the J&K Lieutenant Governor’s Advisor RR Bhatnagar also participated in the Dussehra celebration in Srinagar.

Speaking to the media, the advisor extended his greetings and congratulated the district administration and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He said the “historic return” of the Shobha Yatra is a significant example of peace, brotherhood, and communal harmony in the valley—(KNO)


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