November 28, 2022

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Ensure biometric attendance of employees or face action:- Div Com to all HODs

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Fazil Mir

Srinagar, Oct 08 :

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir on Saturday directed all heads of departments to ensure biometric attendance of all employees or face action.

“Whereas, General Administration Department, Civil Secretariat, J&K vide Order No. 650-JK (GAD) of 2022 dated 02.06.2022 has ordered that all Govt Offices/PSUs/Institutions/Corporation across the Union Territory of J&K shall switch over to Biometric System of marking attendance with immediate effect and all the employees shall necessarily mark their attendance both at arrival and departure as per the notified office hours of various offices.” Reads the circular issued, a copy of which lies with KNA.

“Whereas, all the HODs/MDS of PSUs/Institutions/ Corporation were also directed to ensure installation of Biometric attendance system/equipment in all offices/institutions under their administrative control, which they reportedly did. Whereas, vide above referred to order all the DDOS were directed to draw the salaries of employees on the basis of satisfactory biometric attendance w.e.f 01.07.2022/01.08.2022.” It said.

Therefore, it is impressed upon all the HOD/ DDOS to ensure the attendance of all Employee(s) recruited in general, regular or through any package etc through Biometric attendance system, failing which necessary administrative action be taken. Days of unauthorized absence be deducted from leave, whatever due to employee, it adds.

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