Farooq Ahmad Kanroo elected as General Secretary

Reyaz Rashid

Baramulla: In a landmark event, Traders Federation Baramulla (Beopar Mandal) held its much-awaited presidential elections, and former General Secretary, Engineer Tariq Ahmad Magloo, emerged victorious as the new President.

The election, which experienced several months of delay, saw enthusiastic participation from traders , making their voices heard in shaping the future of their vibrant marketplace.

Out of a total of 2240 votes, 1143 were successfully cast, reflecting the dedication of traders to exercise their democratic rights. The presidential race was contested by three candidates: Er. Tariq Ahmad Magloo, Khursheed Ahmad Bhuroo, and Mohammad Shafi Bhat, each bringing their vision for the development and growth of Beopar Mandal Baramulla.

As the final vote count was revealed, Er. Tariq Ahmad Magloo obtained an impressive 689 votes, solidifying his position as the President. Khursheed Ahmad Bhuroo secured 102 votes, while Mohammad Shafi Bhat received 308 votes.

The General Secretary position also saw fierce competition, with Farooq Ahmad Kanroo emerging as the clear winner with 748 votes, defeating his opponent, Mohammad Ashraf War, who received 322 votes.

The election witnessed a high voter turnout and a healthy spirit of competition, with 123 votes being rejected during the counting process.Under the watchful eyes of Chairman Election Commissioner, Qazi Ishfaq, and his dedicated team, the elections were carried out seamlessly, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

The involvement of Chief Election Observer, Naib Tehsildar Baramulla, Chariman BWJA senior journalist Karmat Qayoom, and officials from the police department, along with representatives of Beopar Mandal, further added to the credibility of the results.

Following the announcement of his victory, Er. Tariq Ahmad Magloo expressed gratitude to the voters for participating in the electoral process despite facing challenges. In his address to the media, the newly-elected President extended an olive branch to all traders, affirming his belief in unity as the driving force behind the progress of Beopar Mandal Baramulla.

“Together, we can change the world,” he declared passionately, emphasizing that the election is merely a process to ensure a robust system. “We are all brothers, united by our shared profession as traders. I assure you that my tenure will be focused on the betterment of our market and the prosperity of all shopkeepers, regardless of any differences,” he added.

The election result has generated a sense of optimism and enthusiasm among traders, who now look forward to a new era of development and collaboration under the leadership of President Er. Tariq Ahmad Magloo and General Secretary-elect Farooq Ahmad Kanroo.

As they prepare to assume their responsibilities, the traders of Baramulla are hopeful that their united efforts will usher in a period of prosperity and progress for the entire community.


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