Srinagar, Mar 7 :

The government has asked all administrative departments not to refer the posts under direct recruitment quota, which have remained unfilled for more than two years, to the recruiting agencies.

“The Departments shall obtain the prior concurrence of the Finance Department for revival of such posts before referring them for recruitment, in unavoidable cases,” reads a circular by Finance department, a copy of which lies with GNS.

The Finance department recalled that on 15 July 2021 circular instructions were issued regarding creation, deemed abolition, revival and continuation of posts was issued.

These instructions, among others, provide as under that all posts, except newly created posts kept in abeyance or remaining vacant for a period of more than two years in any Department, Attached Office, Subordinate office, Statutory body, would be considered as ‘deemed abolished’ unless an exemption has been given at the time of sanctioning the post.

A post falling into the category of ‘deemed abolished’, cannot be filled up prior to obtaining its revival, from Finance Department.

Revival of posts would be considered in rare and unavoidable circumstances only, the 2021 circular had said.

Proposals for revival of posts were to be referred to Finance Department on file along with the prescribed checklist issued by the Department.

Separate checklist was to be prepared for each post. “Proposals received without proper checklist would not be considered.” (GNS)

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