The scheme must aim for comprehensive upliftment of both rural and urban populace


Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference Provincial President and former legislator Mohammad Khurshid Alam on Wednesday demanded that the government welfare program of providing land to the poor must prioritize Srinagar’s old city areas to benefit underprivileged residents

Alam in a statement issued here stated that the recently announced government welfare program, aimed at providing 5 Marlas of Land to the underprivileged in Kashmir, should prioritize Srinagar, specifically focusing on the old city. Over the years, said Alam, the residents of downtown Srinagar, encompassing neighborhoods such as Habba Kadal, Khaniyar, Eid Gah, and Hazaratbal, have endured the consequences of inadequate planning and development by the past governments.

“In these tightly packed, dust-laden lanes, the situation is dire, with multiple families forced to reside within a single dwelling. The financial and psychological burden on these individuals is overwhelming. Often, they find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty, relying on meager incomes from menial jobs for their sustenance. Their dreams of providing a better life for their children are constantly compromised by the lack of suitable housing options,” Alam said.

According to the PC leader, while providing the relief to the rural areas of Kashmir is a welcome measure, it is crucial that the government does not overlook the pressing needs of the urban populace. The welfare program, under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), must extend its reach to include the residents of downtown Srinagar, ensuring that they too become beneficiaries of the new policies.

Alam said that the PC Chairman Sajad Gani Lone has also sought clarification on the  subject matter from the government and what is needed is that  the government must come forward with an elaborate and inclusive approach on this issue.

“By granting them their own parcels of land, these marginalized families will have the opportunity to build decent and dignified dwellings. This will not only provide them with a sense of security and stability but also empower them to create a nurturing environment for their children’s growth and development,” Alam said.

He added that the comprehensive upliftment of both rural and urban areas is vital to fostering a balanced and inclusive society in Kashmir. “By prioritizing the needs of the urban populace, particularly those in downtown Srinagar, the government can address the pressing housing challenges faced by these individuals and pave the way for a brighter future for all the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


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