Huge losses to farmers as fruits and vegetables damaged, farmers demands compensation

Reyaz Rashid 

Baramulla: Following rains and stormy winds, hailstorm hits different parts of  Sub-  division Uri  in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district inflicting large-scale damage to the fruits industry by hammering down pears, walnuts, apple orchards, vegetable fields and other fruits.

The fruit industry suffered another jolt when the speedy hailstorm lashed horticulture rich areas of Uri , Nambla, Balkote, Garkote, Uri town and Boniyar badly damaging fruit orchards leaving the farmer community high and dry.

 “Hammering relentlessly for about 10 to 15 minutes in many areas, the hailstorm left about a layer of white icy stones on the ground. Blossoming fruit orchards and vegetables suffered extensive damage due to the hailstorm,” said an orchardist Irsahad Ahmad of Uri.
The worst hit areas include Boniyar, Nambla, Balkote, Garkote, Uri  main town and other adjoining areas of Uri.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic crises, farmers and apple growers have suffered extensive damage to orchards and other crops adding to the woes of already distressed farmers and growers. 

Abdul Rashid an apple grower said, “The hailstorm knocked down fruits and apple orchards   due to which fruit orchards and vegetables suffered extensive damage.

Farmers have demanded  attention of Hon’ble Lt Governor, Deputy Commissioner Baramulla and Horticulture authorities  for immediate relief and compensation for the losses. They said that the horticulture department should visit their areas and take the ground report.


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