The Director General of Police Dilbag Singh has complimented the public and congratulated police and security forces for the successful culmination of three day G20 event here.

“Historic three Day G20 event (May 22-24) comes to an end with delegates taking a flight back and leaving behind all good memories to be cherished by the people of Jammu and Kashmir for long. This event has opened new vistas and hopes, denouncing many myths and fake anti-Kashmir and anti-peace narratives based on falsehood and propagated by our neighbouring country”, reads a statement issued here.

“People of Kashmir deserve special compliments for seeing through the falsehood of Pak narratives and welcoming and participating in the event in every way wholeheartedly. The delegates not only enjoyed the beauty of Kashmir but also lauded the local people and their hospitality.”

“The security arrangements made for the event were least obtrusive, ensuring full normal life and business for the people. Traffic throughout and all business activity went on throughout without any inconvenience on account of security. People fully cooperated with police/security forces, traffic and security regulations for which DGP thanked them”, reads the statement.

“This G-20 event became a people’s event who showcased local art/craft and traditions of hospitality to world’s guests who went around to important places of tourist attraction including visit to world famous Nishat Bagh, Parimahal, Shakara Riding in Dal Lake and shopping in polo view.”

“Police/security forces arrangement was people friendly. DGP thanked and congratulated all ranks of Police/CAPFs and other agencies involved in the duties for the G20 for the excellent work done by them over the last three day in ensuring a smooth and secure G20 event here in Kashmir”, reads the statement further.


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