Human Aid Society a social organization working in Jammu & Kashmir from last two decades on humanitarian grounds and in regard to help the needy people of Jammu and Kashmir irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, region and religion. During this period the organization collaborated with various reputed National and International organisations who supported them in implementing their projects and besides it these organisations had also supported Human Aid Society in mitigating the problems of people during Natural calamities.

The organizations who came forward and supported Human Aid Society cause since from its birth were, Sadbhavna Charitable Trust New Delhi (From 1999 to 2006) Confederation of Indian Industries CII (From 2001 to 2006), Rajiv Gandhi Foundation- RGF (From 2005 to 2009) and later on Azim Pram Ji Philanthropic Institute -APPI supported this organisation for handling the challenges of Covid-19 in year (2020-2021) while in financial year 2021-2022 the Australian Embassy New Delhi supported Human Aid Society for its women’s Empowerment project SAFE (Sustainable Affordable Farming Entrepreneurship.) A UK based Kashmir Development Foundation is continuing its support to this organisation for implementing its various Humanitarian development projects since from Nov-2021 onwards.
Human Aid Society members and volunteers rendering their selfless services for the welfare of people and their sincere efforts are always praised by the Government as well as by the common masses. Many National & International organisations are approaching to this organisation and offering their financial as well capacity building support to Human Aid Society and in this connection a well-known Malaysian based international organization ILTIZAM RELIEF SOCIETY (IRS) who is working in 11 countries including India had connected with this organisation though social media plateform and offered their financial support for the welfare of people of J&K who so are found in need.
On 18th August 2023 two members delegation from Malaysian based organisation ILTIZAM RELIEF SOCIETY (IRS) in persuasions of their vision and mission reached Baramulla to scrutinize the overall work of the Human Aid Society and during their four (4) days stay in Kashmir the delegation visited various project sites as run by the Human Aid Society on 19th August 2023 like;
(a) Sustainable Affordable Framing Entrepreneurship (SAFE) project as earlier Human Aid Society had Started it with the financial support of Australian Embassy New Delhi & KDF-UK to boost the economy of Jammu and Kashmir by drying of fruits and vegetables and preserving them with the latest scientific technology and the methodology was highly applauded by the IRS delegation.
(b) Vocational Training Entrepreneur Development Scheme (VTEDS) run by Human Aid Society in Sultanpur Kindi and Gingle Uri where the organization give training to the women aspirants in Cutting & tailoring courses. The delegates talked with the females acquiring training and were satisfied with the help. The people in the locality warmly welcomed the guests.
(c) IRS Delegation visited Senior Citizens Home at Fatehpora Khwajbagh Baramulla that is being established by Human Aid Society and after watching the facilities and infrastructure as created by Human Aid Society for homeless/ neglected senior citizens, the delegation praised the efforts of organisation.
(d) ILTIZAM Delegation also interacts with those orphans and under privileged students who are getting the educational support by Human Aid Society from last many years and during their interaction the IRS Guest Delegation assured the Chairman Human Aid Society that in future IRS will join hands with Human aid Society in supporting these children.
(e) IRS Delegation also visited to the proposed land as earlier 10880 Sqft measuring land as donated by the present Chairman of Human Aid Society to this organisation to establish all its projects under one roof.
(f) On the 20th of August, the delegation visited District Bandipora along with the Human Aid Society Chairman, members & volunteers wherein they have distributed 50 food Kits among the poor, widows & needy people in presence of Tehsildar Bandipora along with his other officials of the revenue department. Then the Guest Delegation team visited Wular Lake and Mughal Garden Nishat Bagh Srinagar.
(g) On 21st August 2023, the delegates visited Butapathri Gulmarg where they met many people living in the mountains as seasonal migrants. These people are very needy and they live in Behaks (thatched roofs) along with their cattle for rearing & for earning a livelihood. The delegates saw the miserable conditions of the people living in these temporary sheds (Behaks) and also found some ruined mosques which require immediate renumeration so that people of faith can do their worship without facing any kind of hardship.
On the same day the Iltizam Relief Society two members delegation had a meeting with Patron, Chairman, Executive and other Senior members of Human Aid Society at its head office Dewan Bagh Baramulla wherein HAS organisation presented a Power Point presentation of all its ongoing projects and their success stories. Besides this the glimpses of future planning were also highlighted in this presentation.
The guest delegation said as they were happy to see the work and progress of the Human Aid Society as they have ascertained the same during their field visit and they praised accountability as well as documentation, whatever they asked to audit they were satisfied with the work and assured the Board Members of Human Aid Society that after their returning back to their country they will put all their efforts in convincing their CEO and other members of ILTIZAM RELIEF SOCIETY for their possible financial support to this organisation in regard to mitigate the problems of poorest of poor people living in Jammu & Kashmir and will InShaAllah convey Human Aid Society very shortly for implementation of a big project here in collaboration with IRS Malaysia and on leaving Kashmir, the IRS guests hailed the hospitality and generosity of kashmiri people as they have practically seen during their stay in Kashmir.


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