December 2, 2022

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Immediately restoring democracy in J&K imperative: Vakil

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J&K Peoples Conference Senior vice president and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today said that the current administration has failed to do justice to the aspirations of the common masses of J&K and that there is an urgent need to restore democracy in J&K.

Vakil while addressing people in Binner, Baramulla said that the people of J&K have been denied their constitutional right to elect a popular government to run the state of affairs. J&K has been under the Central rule for 4 years now and apprehensions are growing in the minds of the people that GoI is not serious in holding assemble elections as early as possible and allowing the people to chose their own representatives. Vakil was accompanied by PC senior leader Syed Basharat Bukhari and Mohd Sulaiman Bhat.

“It is a matter of utter shame that in a great democracy, a region has been denied its right to choose their own government while the administration has been outsourced to bureaucrats brought in from different states and installed in Jammu and Kashmir”, Vakil said.
He said the Lt Governor led bureaucratic adminstration has failed at all levels whether it’s on development front or on the security front. “There is no sense of security. Innocent people are being killed and people at large feel unsafe.”
Vakil said that instead of giving employment, those already employed are being terminated while as competitive exams have lost their credibility which is clear by the recent so called selection in SI posts in Police.
“The Anganwadi workers and other casual and contractual employees are demanding wages on time. The present dispensation is restricted to meetings and rhetoric while nothing happens on the ground”, he added.
Vakil stressed on the union government to start working towards holding polls in Jammu and Kashmir which are long overdue.
“In order to make the elections participative and purposeful, GoI must take some CBM’s before holding polls which include restoring statehood to J&K, release of political prisoners and regularisation of thousands of dailywagers who are protesting for the last many months but it is unfortunate that LG Govt is being mute spectator and not listening to their demands”, he added.

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