Riyaz Bhat

Srinagar, Oct 14 :

Jammu and Kashmir State Council of Educational Research and Training (JKSCERT) has asked all the government and recognised private schools to implement SA&E scheme for preparatory stage and onwards in addition to recording the progress of students on Holistic Report Card (HPC).

According to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Joint Director Central for JKSCERT said, “All the government and government recognised private school of Jammu and Kashmir UT shall implement the ‘Student Assessment and Evaluation Scheme’ notified by the Council for preparatory Stage and onwards Viz; 3rd Class and onwards in addition to recording the progress of Students on Holistic Report Card (HPC) for Preparatory Stage.”

The joint director also clarified that recording for foundational stage that is upto 2nd standard shall be made exclusively on Holistic Progress Card (HPC) only.

Earlier in September, JKCERT has said that the HPC developed by NCERT has been adopted by this Council.

“Holistic Progress Card (HPC) encompasses not only the academic achievements of a student but also captures his/her socio-emotional growth, creativity, and vocational proficiency,” reads the previous communique of JKSCERT.

It also said that the progress card proposes the use of integrative pedagogy in order to track the students’ performance.

“It distils the various academic domains, associated goals and competencies thereof in the form of academic activities and use these activities to track progress,” it reads—(KNO)


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