By Altaf Hussain Rather

The power-given ability begins to show in personality and character from childhood. An artist is a born artist, a scientist’s instinct is to inquisitive, an athlete’s passion and physical traits tell what he is made for, an entrepreneur’s mind starts telling a person from childhood how to make money and a leader’s instinct is a leader.

But even so, it has always been difficult to track down the right talent, the reason being that in our social system, the choice of education is being made by the will of the parents, which sometimes results in the betterment of the children, and sometimes it is not. Sometimes it proves harmful.This is due to the wrong assumptions made by parents about the hidden abilities in children.

After completing his education, when a man sees, he has the natural ability to become an athlete but he studied psychology. After studying the accounting, when he steps into the business field, he gets worried that the accounting he was taught has no role in business, so he finds it difficult to decide in which field to try his skills.He finds himself standing in a dead end and cursing his parents sense of recognition.

Suffering from mental disturbances and lack of proper guidance, he remains unsatisfied throughout his life.He has to put in a lot of effort to move forward and achieve progress.Either he succeeds or he gets stuck in failure and despair. But those who get opportunities to get education according to their abilities, show their talent and quickly set the journey of success and remain mentally satisfied.

There are billions of people around the world, each person has natural abilities and qualities.Virtues are those which are naturally assigned to man.Every child has a hidden gem of some kind of ability, how to recognize it, how to carve it beautifully and make it precious.It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to find the special skills that nature has given them in their daily activities.In which category they are more interested. It will not be necessary to determine the path by keeping it in front.

As soon as they are able to set the path of success, the conveniences will start to arise automatically. Communication between teachers and parents and their frequent meetings are very important for both.The meeting and discussion of both parties can produce results that will have a positive impact on the child’s life and from which he can get useful guidance and develop his abilities.

Education in the present age and its purpose is the training of all the abilities of the child, the satisfaction of his total instincts, i.e. his full development.Some children improve their mental performance in the early stages of education, however, as far as IQ level is concerned, there is a need to get out of this crude illusion that only the one who gets the certificate in the current educational curriculum is in terms of his distinguished IQ. It is not correct to test intelligence and mental performance with a specific scale, nor should its results be given the status of a certificate.

Not every child can excel in every field, so we should not tarnish the potential of future builders by unnecessarily criticizing them.If you can’t gauge the child’s field of interest, don’t pressure him to rank prominently in a particular academic race.Also, do not prepare those who are responsible in two different spheres on the same prescription, otherwise the children will get material facilities but they will remain unconscious.

If the child is not able to adapt himself in the prevailing education system, then there is absolutely no need to worry, it is not that he is unfit but he is being taught contrary to his passion and tendencies, he feels himself in a closed cage.His free nature to fly in the field of his inclinations makes him restless.So give confidence to the children, avoid discouraging them and hurting them.

Altaf Hussain Rather is a Resource Person Teacher in Government Middle School Kawhar Payeen Zone Fatehgarh Baramulla


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