Article 370 never allowed Indian constitution to enter J&K, Stone pelting a history now, people repose faith in democracy, Can go to any extent to protect nation’

New Delhi, Jul 02 :

Training his guns at the opposition in the Parliament over J&K, Prime Minister Narendera Modi Tuesday said that India can go any extension to protect the nation and it was the BJP government that entered into enemy’s territory to carry out surgical strike and air-strike and taught the mentors of terrorism a lesion. The prime minister said that Article 370 was used for vote-bank politics by the J&K parties and BJP broke this wall forever to pave for the entry of the Indian constitution in the region.

Amid repeated attempts by the opposition leaders to disrupt the speech, PM Modi, as per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), said that India post 2014 was a different country. “We don’t believe in words but in action. “We entered into the enemy’s territory to carry out surgical strike and air strikes. We taught a lesson to the enemy,” he said, as the opposition made repeated attempts to disrupt the PM’s speech.

The PM said that India under the NDA government will go to any extent to protect the nation.

About Article 370, PM Modi said that this Article was always used by J&K parties as a card to be-fooled people under vote bank politics. “This Article disrespected Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar as it never allowed the Indian constitution to enter J&K. Today, the Indian constitution is flourishing in J&K,” he said.

The PM said that for the first time people of J&K have reposed trust in democracy. “There was a time when people would talk in this house and say that nothing would happen in J&K. The wall of Article 370 stands broken forever, stone pelting is a history and democracy has been strengthened. People are reposing faith in democracy and the Indian flag.”

He said that the BJP government has built a trust among 1.40 Cr people of the country and this trust has become a driving force in the country’s vikas (development). “This trust has transformed into Vikshit Bharat,” the PM said—(KNO)


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