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Srinagar:JK Peoples Democratic Party has strongly reacted to the thrashing, assult, arrests and intimidation of Kashmiri Students in Desh Bhagat University of Punjab.

In a press statement former trade union leader, Teacher turned politician and additional spokesperson of the PDP, Mohd Rafique Rather while strongly condemning the incident said that it is unfortunate to see kashmiri female students being thrashed, dragged, arrested and humiliated in full public view which he called inhuman and barbaric.

Rafique Rather said that Students should not be discriminated on the basis of colour, creed, religion or sex and added that educational institutions ought to shape the future of the students and not to resort to intimidation, humiliation and thrashing the way Desh Bhagat University has resort to and added that this king of treatment with Kashmir students in particular with female students is highly condemnable and unacceptable.Rafique Rather expressed surprise on the move of DBU to transfer admission of Nursing students to a college which is not recognised by the Indian Nursing Council and nor by Punjab Nursing Registration Council and added that the act will ruin the career of the students already admitted by the University in said course. Rather said that Kashmiri Parents need to be extra carefull while admitting their wards in other States because most of the students from Kashmir have similar complaints of being cheated by fraud collages and universities.

Urging Punjab Government to take cognisance of this grave issue to save the future of hundreds of affected students from getting ruined, Rather demanded initiation of strong action against DBU management and concerned Police Officials who have resorted to unprovoked thrashing and arrests of kashmiri students on the behest of University administration.


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