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In a significant development for the scenic town of Gulmarg, Inspector Haroon Kar has taken charge as the new Station House Officer (SHO) with a clear vision of promoting peace, environmental conservation, and transparency in the tourism and transport sectors. Inspector Kar’s appointment has brought renewed hope for a corruption-free and tourist-friendly Gulmarg.

Inspector Kar wasted no time in familiarizing himself with the stakeholders of Gulmarg, as he conducted initial meetings with various individuals and organizations involved in the tourism industry. During these interactions, he emphasized the importance of maintaining Gulmarg as a peaceful, green, and clean destination, while also promoting transparency and coherence in allied sectors such as tourism and transport management.

“I am committed to ensuring that Gulmarg remains a pristine and welcoming tourist destination,” Inspector Kar stated during his first address as the SHO of Gulmarg. “The doors of the Police station will be open 24/7 to address the grievances of tourists and individuals associated with the town. We will provide a corruption-free and lucid system for everyone.”

Inspector Kar’s appointment has generated optimism among the locals and the tourism industry. His focus on transparency and integrity in the allied sectors is seen as a crucial step toward enhancing Gulmarg’s reputation as a sought-after tourist destination. The town, known for its picturesque landscapes, snow-covered peaks, and adventure sports, has faced challenges related to waste management and unregulated tourism activities in the past.

Tourism plays a significant role in the local economy, and Inspector Kar’s commitment to a green and clean Gulmarg has been welcomed by residents and business owners alike. They believe that his appointment will lead to a more sustainable approach to tourism, ensuring that the natural beauty of Gulmarg is preserved for future generations.

As Inspector Kar assumes his responsibilities, he has urged the community to actively participate in maintaining Gulmarg’s charm and ecological balance. He plans to work closely with local authorities, businesses, and environmental organizations to implement measures that promote responsible tourism practices and protect the fragile ecosystem.

The appointment of Inspector Haroon Kar as the SHO of Gulmarg has brought renewed optimism to the town’s residents and the tourism industry. With his focus on peace, cleanliness, transparency, and redressal of grievances, Inspector Kar aims to create a corruption-free and tourist-friendly environment that will not only benefit Gulmarg but also enhance its reputation as a prime destination for travelers seeking natural beauty and adventure.


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