Government should resolve all issues of employees of Electric department without any further delay:
Rafique Rather


Srinagar 19 December,

JK Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) the representative body of Employees of Jammu and kashmir has extended its support to protest call of Jk Electric Employees coordination Committee (JKEECC) for the redressal of their geniune and legitimate demands.
In a press statement President EJAC Mohd Rafique Rather said that issues raised by the EECC are geniune and legitimate and government ought to listen to them and resolve these issues without any further delay. He said that authorities at the helm of affairs are habitual of ignoring employees issues whith the result people had to suffer as a result of extreme and illogical steps taken by the government. He said that in cold weather conditions people are suffering badly for want of electricity which had completely been halted as a result of wrong policies and irrational decisions taken by the government without proper rationale and consultation of stake holders. Rather said that had the government held wide consultations with different stake holders in particular with employees working in the department, before taking in decision the situation would not have taken such an ugly turn where in whole of JK had to reel under complete darkness.
Rather said that employees of electric department have always braved themselves in service of the people during harsh weather conditions, natural calamities and otherwise despite the fact that hundreds of their colleagues lost their lives and some left with complete disability in the line of duty, thus their contribution in mitigating the sufferings of the people can not be ignored.
President EJAC urged upon the government to shun egoistic attitude and settle the issues of employees with their leadership as soon as possible, He further
said tgat EJAC extends unflinching support to EECC in their justified struggle and added that if need arises EJAC will not hesitate to join the protests in their support and it will be difficult for the government to tackle the situation, Rather added.


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