Expressing shock over the desperate suicidal death of a Kulgam boy, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has termed it as an ‘unacceptable motivation’, first of its kind that desperately forces a ‘kith or a kin’ of a govt employee to end his life for notwithstanding the condition of his father to enjoy his salary against the job he has been rendering services for. Referring to the suicide of Kulgam Boy, Shoaib Bashir, son of a teacher Bashir Ahamd Mir of Kulgam, whose salary stood withheld for two years, JKCSF Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani issued a statement here terming the situation as conscience-jerking for the stakeholders.

JKCSF statement said that so for there had been news of suicides of personal nature with regard to mental stress and govt was a hope to deal and do away with such things with care and cure. But now this one case of Shoaib Bashir looks totally different where circumstances as revealed by the deceased in the video, tell a tarnishing story of apathy on part of the authorities who had stopped the salary of the teacher for adverse verification reports as we have learnt from the newspapers, how come an employer on one hand continues to enjoy the services of an employee and on the other hand makes him and his family suffer badly for want of salary for two long years when there has been a pandemic.

“For scrutinizing the matters of service conduct and other security affairs of an employee there are service rules and above all there is Court of Justice to look even the delicate matters, the employers be it the govt or the private enterprise has a duty to care for the security, food and health and wellbeing of his employee whiles it is taking its services, that is the rule of law and morale” reads the statement.

Chairman, JKCSF said that by the sheer negligence of the department who stopped the salary of the teacher for two long years a life has beenlost, which is unforgivable.

JKCSF makes a vehement appeal to the govt to appoint a special commission to probe the matter and punish the guilty for the reason that people of Jammu and Kashmir can’t tolerate such type of ignorance which is an open offence.


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