If present detonating power crises continues deptt will have face public brunt :Qayoom wani.


Srinagar, November 23:

Notwithstanding the deteriorated financial condition of people of JK, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has raised its voice against the untimely and unnecessary hike in the electricity fees in Jammu and Kashmir and the society has expressed concern over what it said unscheduled and frequent power cuts in JK especially in rural areas.
In a statement issued here Chairman Forum Abdul Qayoom Wani has taken a dig on the PDD that at a time when the people are suffering worst economic crisis due to latest set back of fruit industry,PDD did the rest part to add to the sufferings of the common man by making sudden surge in the electricity fee to the extent that has become intolerable to the commom man.
Abdul Qayoom Wani, Chairman JKCSF and former employee leader said that when it was expected that PDD and other departments would reduce the fee but it was surprising to see that power bills figured hiked fees.
Society has expressed concern over the unscheduled and frequent cuts in power as the proper winter is yet to start. Especially in rural areas,it said, the power cuts irritate students, patients and the comon man who needs light at night.
Chairman Wani expressed surprise that in this age of technology there is but no improvement in the production of electricity to meet its demands.Neither the stakeholders pay any attention to construct new power projects for generation of electricity as has been promised by the govt in the backdrop hydroelectricity potential potential of JK.

Society has urged the govt and PDD to fulfil its promise of ensuring power generation, production and continued supply because with every passing day need of electricity increases and for the time being arrangements should be made from secondary resources lile turbines and the solar energy as well.
Society has asked the govt to rollback the hike in the electricity fee in the backdrop of the bad economic condition of people . The other leaders of JKCSF Chief patron Syed Fayaz indrabi,Gen secretary Nusrat Ahmad baigh, Mukhtahar Ahmad Tantry vice President,Haji Farooq Ahmad lone chief spokesman, Muzzafar Ahmad Shah vice president showed strong resentment against the anti people decisions of PDD and demanded immediate roll back of hiked electricity fee, order in the larger intrest of public.


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