SKIM remains the last hope of people, administrative hegemony unacceptable: Qayoom Wani



Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has taken a strong note of the media reports disclosing the shameful purchase scam of the premier health institute in Jand K, The Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS). In a statement issued here JKCSF Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani expressed anguish-painfulness upon that what had surfaced as a scam from the prestigious health institute of Jand K on which people had high and healing expectations. Wani said that SKIMS remains the last hope of people by virtue of quality of treatment, care, medicos and the machinery and now when we find such scams surfacing In print as well as in electronic media with ‘broad day’ light proofs, we have no other choice to call the culprits as ‘kaffan chore” (shroud thieves) who not only are the killers of the patients but defame the image of the honest medicos and other health workers and the image of the institution.

“At a time when there is a pandemic and in hospitals we need lifesaving equipment, ventilators, oxygen gas, drugs and other vitals associated with lifesaving, you are making hay while the sun shines by purchasing beds and lockers in bulk without any requisition. This amounts to misuse of powers of chair and in-turn the criminal deception and dishonesty done in the times of a pandemic”. The statement reads

Referring to the ‘scam’ , the statement said, the authorities at SKIMS have made bulk purchase of beds for COVID patients without any requisition from the user departments. The report published by the press reveals multilevel bungling of the scam as the placing of order dates on April 29, 2020 and the shipment was brought on April 15, 2020, “The procurement of beds etc was not made from the budget meant for Covid-19 but its payment was made from University Funds as per the statement dated 29.01.2021 provided by Director Finance SKIMS”, regarding purchases NIT protocol was ignored and breached by SKIMS authorities. Inspection committee found that the beds supplied by the agency were not fulfilling the criteria of ordered specification and 4% penalty was imposed on him for not supplying the genuine items….

JKCSF Chairman said that these reports reveal that when people were thinking high of this prestigious health institute, its top administration was all busy with ‘scam trade’

Condemning strongly this deception and dishonest deliverance of administration, JKCSF demands an immediate probe into what it called the criminal scam. The Forum envisaged upon the govt that to ban the extension of top level chairs in administration as it said, has become a syndrome in J and K and it retains a monopolistic pleasure of corrupt people for which the society happens to pay the high price when such people get exposed.


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