JKP Mourns Heroic Loss; DGP RR Swain Vows Stronger Stand Against Terrorism After Inspector’s Tragic Sacrifice

Jammu, December 07:

The Director General of Police, J&K Shri R.R. Swain has condoled the heroic loss of Inspector Masroor Ahmad who succumbed to injuries at (AIIMS) New Delhi today.

In his message, the DGP has said, “as the Director General of Police, it is with profound sorrow that I extend my heartfelt condolences on the tragic loss of Police Inspector Masroor Ahmad Wani.”

Today, we mourn the loss of Police Inspector Masroor Ahmad Wani, a courageous officer who valiantly served amidst the looming threat of terrorism. His sacrifice embodies the harsh reality our J&K policemen face, dedicating their lives to shield our communities from the shadows of terrorism, the DGP has stated.

The DGP has said that Inspector Wani’s tragic sacrifice reminds us of the immense challenges our personnel encounter daily, even in moments of leisure. It is a grim reminder of the perils faced by our brave personnel while safeguarding the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The sacrifices made by police personnel like Inspector Wani in Jammu and Kashmir will forever remain etched in our memories. His noble spirit and unwavering commitment to serving the community serve as a shining example to us all, the DGP has added.

In the face of this heartbreaking loss, our thoughts and prayers are with Inspector Wani’s family, friends, and the entire police fraternity. We stand united in mourning this profound loss and honoring his memory, the DGP has said.

The cowardly attack on a policeman, enjoying a moment of leisure, is a stark reminder of the vicious mindset perpetuated by terrorist networks operating at the behest of Pakistan. This tragic incident strengthens our resolve at the J&K Police to redouble our efforts in combating terrorism.

Inspector Masroor Ahmad Wani’s legacy of bravery and selflessness will continue to inspire us. His memory will forever fuel our determination to dismantle the bones of terrorism in Kashmir. We reaffirm our commitment to safeguarding the people of Kashmir and eradicating the menace of terrorism from our soil.

May Inspector Wani rest in peace, knowing that his sacrifice will not be in vain. His dedication to duty and his ultimate sacrifice will always be remembered as we forge ahead, stronger and more resolute in our fight against terrorism.


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