Cyber Police in Kashmir Valley have recovered an amount to the tune of Rs 4.49 crores in connection with the different fraud cases registered by different persons in the past three years.

The official data reveals that Cyber Police Station has registered 59 FIRs from 2020 to 2022 in connection with cyber fraud cases. As per the data, 8 FIRs were registered in 2020, 24 in 2021, and 27 FIRs in 2022.

The official data as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust reveals that 2145 cases with regard to cyber fraud have been reported at Cyber Police Station Kashmir Zone in the past three years. The highest number of cases reported was in last year and the number is 948.

Out of 2145 cyber fraud reports reported by complainants, 59 FIRs were registered.

The data provided by Cyber Police Kashmir Zone in response to an application filed by social activist MM Shuja under the Right to Information Act reveals that 71 persons were arrested in the last 3 years from 2020 to 2022.

The cyber-crime rate has been reported as low in 2020 while it has jumped considerably in 2022. In connection with cyber frauds, Cyber Police Station has recovered Rs 4.9 crore in the last 3 years, the highest 2.97 crore in 2022, Rs 1.10 crore in 2021, and Rs 42 lakh in 2020. [KNT]


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